KomposyT for experts

Pupil with special educational needs

About needs of pupils with special educational needs and more specifically about characteristics of pupils with learning disorders, behavior disorders, and with physical disability.

Psychological activity

Psychodiagnostic and therapeutic approaches, what is behind a supervision and what are the possibilities of the prevention, too.

Special pedagogical activities

Conception of the special pedagogical guidance, what activities create contents of the conception, with whom to cooperate during the special pedagogical activities.

Guidance counsellor activities

About activities of educational counsellors in primary schools and their work with pupils with special educational needs.

Career counselling

About conditions of the career counselling in schools and in practice. You will find information from various resources here.

Information resources

Information about the field of diagnostics, guidance, sociotherapy, as well as the enclosures of the magazine Psychology and pathopsychology of a child.


Government regulations, laws, acts, decrees and directives that regulate performing of the special pedagogical, psychological activities and work.

KomposyT for parents

Child – family – school

Information about a child in relation to the family and the school environment.

Do you want to know better your child?

Information about how to uderstand better your own child.

The most frequent behaviors of children – 5 steps to reach the peace

How to understand some of the behaviors of children and how to prevent their negative effects.

Which school to attend?

Information that will help you in career recommendation to your child.

Trade pays dividends

Interests about trades and information about its future.

What to do when...?

Anwers questions about what to do and how to educate a child in accordance with various life situations. This overview may help you to prepare future steps and aproaches in the education of a child.

Useful links

Other information associated with the educational and guidance possibilities of a child.

Good advice is beyond price – Who will advice?

The net of the educational guidance and prevention facilities in Slovakia.

KomposyT for pupils


Stories of young people becoming successful and experiences of students in choosing a high school and entering the labor market.

Professions – fields of study at high schools

Current information about the labour market, descriptions of the professions and strategies how to decide while choosing future high school.

Profession...who can advice me?

Who are the people who could help youngsters with decisions about their future.

How to solve problems?

How is possible to overcome some problems.

Games for relaxing

Couple of games the pupils can play in their moments of relax.