Support the social inclusion of the people with special educational needs through making the process of gaining skills they need in the labour market easier and to support the continuous education of people working in the field for better integration of people with special needs into the society.

Target groups

  • Teaching staff (1300 guidance counsellors).
  • Experts (300 psychologists, 300 special pedagogues).
  • Employees of the governmental management and the self-government working with pupils with special educational needs (14 employees).
  • Pupils with special educational needs attending a primary school  (10.000 pupils)
  • Pupils attending a primary school (control sample 3000 pupils)
  • Parents (500 parents).


Categories of the problematic behavior that exceeded 30% appereance in the counties in Slovakia

Reasons of clients arriving to the Pedagogical – psychological guidance and prevention centers

In the school year 2013/2014 - CPPPAP SR registered 110 283 clients who have high representation of problems in learning, study - professional orientation, school maturity, as well as behavioral problems.

Nationwide data collection

Basic functionalities

Effectivity + innovation + linking